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A whey protein shaker bottle (sometimes referred to as a mixer) is a plastic container, almost like a drinks bottle, in which you can easily and conveniently mix and take your whey powder. This can be ideal if you are at work or the gym, and don’t have access to a mixer or blender. As mentioned before, mixing powder with just a fork or spoon often leaves those horrible ‘clumps’ of unmixed whey that aren’t very nice! It is also a waste of your powder.

How Do I Use a Whey Protein Shaker?

The use of these shakers is very simple. Add the necessary amount of water/milk (the mixers will have measures, usually in ml, on the side of them) first and then add your required number of scoops of whey protein. It is best to add the liquid first, as adding liquid to the powder can sometimes cause it to thicken at the bottom and not dissolve properly. Then replace the lid tightly and shake up and down for around a minute. Then simply undo the top and it is ready to drink. Make sure the top is secure though, it makes a mess if you shake it with a loose lid!

Whey Protein Shaker


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