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Okay, you’ve changed nearly everything about your diet, and have upped the goal on your training program. But for some reason, you are still finding it difficult to loose that extra body fat. Don’t give up hope yet though because the only thing you may be missing is a little whey protein in your diet.

What is Whey Protein?

Simply put, whey protein is a liquid milk protein that’s created during cheese production. The three best known forms of whey include:

Whey Protein Concentrate: Concentrates offer between 30 – 90% protein and they contain some lactose and fat as well. This form of whey also has quite a bit of bioactive compounds too.

Whey Protein Isolates: Isolates are packed full of protein since they contain over 90% protein along with minimal amounts of cholesterol and lactose.

Whey Protein Hydrolysates: Undergoes a higher processing, which makes it easier to digest and absorb this form of whey; most often used in clinical studies.

Overall, whey protein is most useful as a supplement taken for bodybuilding and muscle-building purposes. It has an ample number of amino acids that are crucial to the growth of muscle tissue, and also important in muscle protein synthesis. Whey protein not only helps build muscle because of its abundant amount of leucine, but it also aids in weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes, wound healing, and even helps in some cases of cancer. Of course, what we’re most interested in is the weight loss.

How Whey Protein Helps You Burn Body Fat

Touting whey protein as a weight loss agent sounds like a phony ploy to sell more supplements. But this is no gimmick…..whey protein can help you cut pounds!

Whey Protein curbs Appetite Cravings: Studies have shown that whey protein is able to satisfy your appetite better than any other form of protein out there. Proteins that come from milk offer pure peptides and they stimulate the cholecystokinin (CCK), which is an intestinal hormone released after eating that causes your appetite to be satisfied.

Whey Protein has tons of Leucine: Leucine plays a major part in the series of actions that cause you to burn loads of calories and, at the same time, promote fatty acid oxidation.

Whey Protein helps People burn Body Fat: In a study done at the University of Oklahoma, scientists studied the effects of whey protein and weight loss on two groups of participants. Both groups were told not to alter their diet, but one group was given a supplement containing whey protein. They also participated in a supervised resistance and endurance training program totaling 10 weeks. The whey protein group was to take the nutritional supplement once per day for two weeks, and then twice a day for the last eight weeks of the study.

Although both of the groups showed lower amounts of fat mass, the group that was adding whey protein to the routine had a more dramatic fat loss. The numbers were -9.3% for the group who took supplements compared to -4.6% for the group that only exercised. Another significant difference between the before-and-after tests included increased muscle mass and lower amounts of LDL cholesterol in the group that took the whey protein.

A study that took place in 2006 also showed that whey protein causes more weight loss than other supplements like soy protein; the study proved that 60 grams of whey protein a day leads to significantly decreased body fat and weight loss after 6 months.

More Tips to help burn Body Fat

• Get some professional advice from someone with a degree in nutrition or in nutrition biochemistry.
• Look on forums and message boards for material relating to how your peers have burned fat.
• Keep a food journal since studies have proven that people who log their daily food intake have a higher chance of losing weight than those who don’t.
• If you continue to have problems after trying everything to burn the fat, consult a physician. There are a few things that deem it more difficult to burn fat such as low levels of hormones, hypothyroidism, and a variety of other conditions.

In addition to following these tips, remember to include whey protein in your daily diet. If you’re a bodybuilder, the chances are you are already doing this.

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