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Lactoferrin (also known as lactotransferrin) is a globular protein, belonging to the Transferrin family of proteins. Lactoferrin is highly bindable to iron and it is this factor that provides Lactoferrin with its benefits to us. By being easily bindable with iron, it improves the body's iron uptake. This can prevent condition such as iron deficiency and Anemia. Being bindable with iron also means that bacteria can't be and as result Lactoferrin has high antimocrobial activity.


There have also been results that suggest Lactoferrin can suppress tumour growth in certain types of tumours, another way that whey protein can combat cancer.

As with some of these benefits, further studies are required to discover exact mechanisms as to how Lactoferrin achieves these effects. As mentioned on other pages, whey protein should never be used in place of any prescribed medication and a medical practitioner should be consulted before taking.

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