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American Pure Whey
  Maximuscle Promax Protein Bar
  12 Bars

Retail price: $41.95
Sale price: $19.95

Protein :
Total Fat:
Calories :
Sugar :
21.6 Grams
5.4 Grams
17 Grams

Where to Buy:
Purchase Whey Protein at IllPumpYouUp.com

Whey Protein King Review

Taste: 08/10 Great taste!
I sampled the Dark Chocolate Orange flavour (also available in Chocolate) and it really tasted good. The only thing that slightly detracts is the middle of the bar tasted a little dry and chewy but overall I really enjoyed it and was surprised by the quality of the flavouring to be honest. Many other health supplement bars of different varieties can really lack in terms of taste.

Texture: 08/10
The inside of the bar is a little dry and the texture overall is chewy. The taste though is very pleasant, a good hint of the orange flavour comes through. But as I say it can be a little dry tasting and that could put some people off.

Value for Money: 10/10
Around $30 to purchase a pack of 12, which can last anything up to 12 days depending on how often you are supplementing.

Maximuscle Promax Protein Bar Summary
The best thing about this product is its practicality. Many of us today have busy lifestyles where it is difficult to get our protein requirements for the day or eat frequently enough, particularly in the case of Bodybuilders. Although no whey products are intended as meal replacements, such products as these allow that extra intake that may not always be possible for everybody. Taking whey protein powders to work in big tubs, or even pre prepared the day before is not always ideal or suitable. Small bars like this are far more convenient and also deliver over 21g of high quality whey protein.

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