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The main difference is the whey protein isolate is processed further in the manufacturing of whey protein. The end result is a more pure protein, with much lower levels of lactose and fat. In fact, over 90% of whey protein isolate, by weight,is protein.

This is beneficial as lower fat levels are are important in the diets of bodybuilders and those taking whey protein to assist weight loss. The lower lactose levels help to reduce the bloated feeling that some people suffer from when taking whey. Our whey protein isolate reviews can help you decide which isolate brand could be best for you.

On the more negative side, because of the quality of the protein, whey protein isolate does tend to come with a slightly higher retail price. Also, in biological terms, the filtering process also removes some of the alpha lactoglobulins and lactoferrins that are important immune boosters.

The protein availability in whey protein concentrate is more varied and lower than that of whey protein isolate. The levels can be anywhere from 29% to 89%. Whey protein concentrate also is noticeably higher in levels of lactose. If anyone is lactose intolerant, it is important to seek advice from a medical practitioner before considering to take whey protein.

Whey protein concentrate does tend to cost less than when protein isolate and is also lower in the levels of cholesterol.

Overall, dietary and medical conditions need to be taken into account when selecting a whey protein powder. Isolate certainly has the edge in terms of quality and amount of protein per serving but as mentioned before, whey concentrate tends to be cheaper, a very important factor in the current difficult financial climate. Many of the common whey protein powders contain a mixture of both whey protein isolate and concentrate. Please be sure to see whey protein reviews section for more details.
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