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IDS Liquid Whey Protein
  IDS New Whey Liquid Protein 42 g
  12 Vials

Retail price: $45.99
Sale price: $27.95

Protein :
Total Fat:
Calories :
Sugar :
42 Grams
0 Grams
2 Grams
0 Grams

Where to Buy:
Purchase IDS New Whey Liquid Protein 25 Grams at IllPumpYouUp.com
Purchase IDS New Whey Liquid Protein 42 Grams at IllPumpYouUp.com

Whey Protein King Review

Taste: 09/10
Largely fruit/Citrus flavours available, like Orange, grape and fruit Punch. Great tasting! Very Similar, if I had to compare, to fruit squash. A little sweet though, which may put some people off.

Texture: 10/10
Fairly thick in texture, like a syrup almost but eliminates the problems of mixing and finding clumps of whey at the bottom of your shaker or glass.

Value for Money: 09/10
IDS Liquid protein can seem a little expensive but it is revolutionary in the way protein can be taken. It is really worth the money and you can find massive savings on it already. Sometimes you have to spend a little more for the quality products but bear in mind you are also getting 42g of protein per serving In the US, 12 42g vials is currently $27.95 from our affiliated site IllPumpYouUp.com

IDS Liquid Whey Protein Summary
Leading the way forward in protein supplements. Compact vials mean you can take it with you to work, gym or wherever you may take your protein. No need to mess with mixing shakes which can be messy and inconvenient. The only slight word of caution is there are 196 calories per serving, so please bear this in mind if you are taking whey to assist weight loss and account these calories into your daily plan. Also, 42g of protein is quite a considerable amount, so please make sure you calculate your daily intake requirements before using this product. Nutritionally speaking however, such a high protein content is accompanied with 0g of carbohydrates or fat

User Reviews

2 Tumbs Up!
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:Doug from Denver Colorado

I bought a pack of 12 blue raspberry and this stuff tastes amazing!! Its great for post-workout protein. It works really well for such a small shot of protien, I wasn’t expecting much gains but boy was I wrong the gains were just like the ones I got from other protien shakes only this takes seconds to drink. Definetally recommended to the bodybuilder who is short on time.

Quick and easy supplement
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:Enforcer from San Diego

Overall I really like this stuff, its great for a quick shot of protien. So you can get your protien even if you don’t have enough time for a shake after a work out. The taste is pretty good, I mean its not terrible, but definetally not the best thing ive ever taken. But since the taste only lasts a few seconds since it is just a 42 gram shot/tube. On the negative side it does get a bit pricey if you take it on a regular basis, but well worth it for the conveniece and quickness of the shots.

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