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CytoSport Monster Mass
  CytoSport Monster Mass
  5.95 Pounds

Retail price: $69.99
Sale price: $34.95

Protein :
Total Fat:
Calories :
Sugar :
50 Grams
18 Grams
67 Grams
7 Grams

Where to Buy:
Purchase CytoSport Monster Mass 5.95 lbs at IllPumpYouUp.com

User Reviews

Dude I love this stuff
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:Sd Surf from San Diego

This powder is incredible, the taste is AMAZING anyone who says otherwise has not tried the competition’s products. I love strawberry and cream it’s the best tasting protein ive taken.

I sometimes take this stuff as a meal replacement and it works great. I wake up early to surf before work sometimes, so its hard to catch breakfast. But with monster mass its easy to catch food and have time to shred.

This protein mix has fast acting whey protein and slow acting casein protein which helps keep me anabolic all day long. Monster mass also comes with a eaa mix so skeletal muscle receives post workout support too!

The only con from this supplement is that it has a high amout of carbs and fat. So it might not be perfect for everyone. Its definetally better for the person looking for a meal replacement or a carb shake for energy. Which is exactally what I use it for.

Good for gaining muscle
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:Kunji from California

Ive been using monster mass 3 days a week, after my 2 hour work outs for a couple monthes now. Ive gained 5 lbs of muscle in roughly 3 monthes. Ive just switched to using it every day after every work out and ive gained 5 lbs of muscle in 1 month. I really like monster mass, it tastes GREAT! I usually get chocolate.

Monster mass is awesome
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:Big Dan Huntsville Alabama

Cytosport really did it with montser mass, this stuff rocks! I take it as a post workout and before bed and sometimes when I need a protein shake. It has slow and fast digesting proteins so it helps me stay anabolic for hours, it has plenty of vitamins and carbs too.
Highly recommend it to anyone trying to gain some weight and needs a good protein. Great gainer! Make sure to stick with your supplements though! When I first started I didn’t notice results until my second tub.

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