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  CytoSport CytoGainer
  6 Pounds

Retail price: $49.99
Sale price: $34.95

Protein :
Total Fat:
Calories :
Sugar :
56 Grams
5 Grams
80 Grams
5 Grams

Where to Buy:
Purchase CytoSport CytoGainer 3.5 Pounds at IllPumpYouUp.com
Purchase CytoSport CytoGainer 6 Pounds at IllPumpYouUp.com

User Reviews

Awesome Weight Gainer
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:KT from Burbank, IL

Ive been using this product for around a month now and I have to say it works great. I have gained roughly 8 lbs of muscle in this short amount of time. Like all products you have to work hard to get good results and that’s exactly what I have been doing. One thing about this you shouldn’t use the full four servings a day. Two servings a day (4 scoops per serving) should be plenty whether its after breakfast or before bed. Adjust according to your metabolism.

You can use even use this to replace small meals. The price is right for what you get(believe me it is). The chocolate malt flavor is awesome although I haven’t tried any other flavors at this point. It mixes well with milk or water little to no clumps. This could possibly be the best weight gainer on the market right now. You just have to make sure you use it right and bust your hump at the gym and I guarantee you will get results. Overall a great product I would recommend to any of my friends at home or the gym.

Cyto Gainer Rocks!!!
Overall Rating: out of 5
Reviewer:Jamie from FL

I just finished my first tub of this product. It is one of the better tasting weight gainers outthere in my opinion. It doesn’t have that metallic taste you get from a a lot of other brands. Not very thick ether very easy to drink. Ive tried similar products before REAL MASS and MASS XXX but they were both horrible. No real drawbacks or side effects. By far the best gainer I have tried. Be careful on dosage because I used the recommend amount and even with running 10 miles a day in a workout it still added a little fat. Nothing to be worried about though. If you take two serving s within an hour you runthe chance of getting diahrhea but if used right should be no problem at all. All in all this product does what its supposed to and packs on mass quick. I also think it’s a pretty good deal for what you get with lots of overpriced gainers out there this one worth it. Buy it make sure you use it right and you will get all the results you need. Recommend to anyone looking to put on mass. AWSOME!

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