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Are you needing some help or support with a current diet plan? Here is a wide variety of weight loss supplements.

Both adult and childhood obesity is a growing problem in the western world. Being obese or overweight greatly increases the risks of suffering from these conditions (to name but a few:)

• High Cholesterol Levels
• High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Stroke

It therefore is important to keep your weight at a healthy level, via correct diet and exercise. Including whey protein in this diet can further assist fat loss. It does this in a number of different ways. Your body will burn more calories after taking a protein-based meal. More energy is required by the body to breakdown proteins. Appetite suppressing hormones, such as glucagon-like-peptide-1 and cholecystokinin are released by bioactive components of whey protein.

By taking a whey protein shake in between your main meals, your appetite and urge to snack is reduced by the release of these hormones. In studies on whey protein isolate, published by the British Journal of Nutrition it was concluded that “…whey protein isolate alone appears to have the predominant influence accounting for 70% of the overall effect on body-weight gain.”

*This was after controlled studies that determined whey protein was conclusive in preventing gains in body weight. Other studies have found that “Whey Protein is the best protein for fat loss during energy restricted diets, when combined with exercise.”** 

As mentioned on the benefits for diabetic sufferer’s page, whey protein delays absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. This delays the release of insulin from the pancreas. While a benefit for diabetics, this also allows the body to burn off more fat and so is of advantage in terms of weight management too. Whey protein has high amounts of the amino acid leucine, so while it can help weight loss, whey protein prevents loss of lean muscle tissue. This will help with accompanying exercise to build muscle and show off definition.

*Cambridge University Press
** Robert H Demling, Nutrition and
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