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Being diagnosed with cancer must be a traumatic and emotional time for both the sufferer and their relatives and friends. Treatment is ever advancing, with drugs, radiation therapy and chemotherapy being just some of the ways the medical world is fighting against Cancer. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy do have their side effects on a patient however. These can include: fatigue nausea, sickness, anemia to name but a few.

Nausea and sickness can in turn lead to a lack of appetite and the individuals nutritional intake can suffer. Protein is part of this nutritional intake and whey protein can be of great benefit to cancer patients. It is a high source of quality protein, easily available to the body and more importantly in this circumstance it is easily digestible for the patient.

As mentioned on the home page, whey protein is abundant in amino acids. One such amino acid is Cysteine. Cysteine can raise the levels of the antioxidant glutathione. Levels are also raised within lymphocytes, which help fight infection, which can help when immune systems are weakened by chemotherapy.

In addition, high cysteine levels can inhibit growth of some cancer cells. Findings presented in 2003 showed that women with the greatest levels of cysteine had a 56% lower chance of developing invasive breast cancer than those with the lowest levels. Risk of colon cancer may also be reduced as cysteine has been proved to reduce the production of particular cells lining the colon.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are taking regular medication or treatment please discuss with your medical practitioner first so they are aware you are taking supplements. Under no circumstances should you replace any medication you are taking for your treatment with whey protein powder or any other protein supplement.
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